Pronunciation: Clea-tons

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Amber

Motto: Efficiency is a thing of beauty

Desires: Avoid punishment by keeping the slaves digging

Weapon of Choice: Whip


Description: When the mines’ overseer, Cletuns, first saw me he frowned–a heavy, woeful look that sagged his face from brows to jowls and even his big, hairy ears. “Can’t send him in with that.” He pointed to my split cheek. “He won’t last two weeks before Charu takes him.” His tongue moved along his lower teeth, rounding out his cheek as if he were prodding a toothache while he considered me.

Discussion Questions For Cletuns?


  • Does Cletuns enjoy his job too much?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your favorite quote?
  • Did you find his character interesting?
  • Do you think Cletuns is a slave himself?
  • Was Cletuns in trouble after Leures’ escape?

As we passed the camp’s center, Cletuns prodded me and pointed to rotting, half-eaten pieces of a man upon a trio of crosses. A stringy arm dangled from one crossbeam. A skinless leg hung on another. The torso impaled in the center of it all was nearly torn in two, and, at the top of the central stake, what remained of a man’s crow-picked head was haloed in a black cloud of flies. “He’d have been your bedmate, but he refused to work. I haven’t tolerance for troublesome slaves, and my men have minds for making spectacular deaths,” Cletuns said. “You see now who left a bed and bowls for you. Let’s hope you enjoy them longer.”



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