Pronunciation: Ephialtes

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Motto: War is the dominion of men

Desires: For his name to be remembered at campfires

Weapon of Choice: Xiphos

Description: A lesser man would have bellowed or bristled, using his bulk to make his words matter. But, Ephialtes spoke plainly and looked down into my eyes as if I held greater power. I smiled. “What god could be against you?” He nearly grinned–a twitch of his lips and crinkle around his eyes. “That question, I put to you.”

Discussion Questions For Aldrid?


  • What is your impression of Ephialtes?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Did you feel badly about what happened to Ephialtes?

“Ah, Ephialtes, here’s the priest himself,” Kalliphoros said, waving for me to come forward. “You have an omen for me, Mantis?” I focused on the general, not entirely from respect, but because looking at the other, I felt almost too small to speak. “At Leto’s ruined temple, the goddess spoke to me. ‘River runs red,’ she said, ‘take to the sea.’” I glanced at Diomedes, but his face was unreadable. Ephialtes was looking us both over. His gaze lingered on my mud-crusted calves before meeting eyes with a flicker of amusement. I expected his voice to a be a bullish boom, but he spoke in a soft, even-tone. “Our strength lies in the sea.” Nodding to me, he smiled and turned to Kalliphoros. “Halicarnassus is key. Commit your men to hold the port.” And so, boarding triremes beneath a red dawn, we abandoned Sigeion to make our stand at the great port city Halicarnassus.



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