Pronunciation: Memnon

Hair Color: Grey

Eye Color: Hazel

Motto: Cunning in war is everything

Desires: Prove himself as one of the greatest generals

Weapon of Choice: Xiphos

Description: A dozen commanders had joined Kalliphoros, among them a weathered warrior with a silvered black beard–Memnon himself.

Discussion Questions For Memnon?


  • What is his connection with Hadad?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Do you think Memnon died of natural causes?

“Kalliphoros tells me you fight. How is it a princely priest comes to sell his service alongside a simple Theban mercenary?” I smiled at the sea. “It’s the why I wonder over.” Memnon studied my face. “Are you all you claim?” I met his gaze, gauging his trust, before I answered. “The priest who trained me said I was a second Tages–a boy with special insight; an instrument linking my people with the will of our gods. He taught me every kind of augury. Ceremonies and prayers. Offerings and omens. Everything in our litany, I learned–every priestly responsibility. But, to be honest with you general, I wasn’t anointed. I had to flee before that day came . . . Some kings have too many sons.” He looked me over, and nodded, his lips twisting in a grimace of a smile. “One of life’s auspicious tragedies.”



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