Sethre Vethna

Pronunciation: Seth-ra Veth-nah

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Motto: Advancement at any cost

Desires: To become head priest of Thesl

Weapon of Choice: Altar

Description: We four framed the oblong altar knowing we’d be drenched. Sethre glanced at me from across the tufa slab; then, slid his gaze to Marce and Velthr. Red-streaked and watering, Sethre’s dark eyes shifted in their swollen sockets and gave him the aspect of a creature feral and diseased. I thought of him as the dog that watches and waits to bite until you’ve turned away. On the whole his face was our father’s, broad and thick-browed, and his body, too, blessed with natural stoutness that brought him more respect than he deserved. Like me, he wore a long blue tunic and sheepskin mantle and had pinned his conical cap upon his left shoulder to signify he was yet a priest in training. The pin fastened through his cap was a disk of pure gold with a dozen black agates circled about its rim and filigreed blue glass at its center.

Discussion Questions for Sethre


  • Why does he steal Leures’ augury?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Why does he speak against Leures?
  • Did he deserve Leures’ wrath?
  • Should Leures have forgiven him?

“Aplu will not forgive you if you slay his priest on his holy ground,” Sethre said, wincing. Shoving him ahead, I pushed him toward the sanctuary gate. He dug his heels into the earth. Stumbling, resisting, he was winded by the fight, but, despite all his effort, he neared the gate. I wrenched his arm tighter behind his back; pushed him harder as my viperous teeth needled my gums. My dagger was part of my hand. Its handle became another bone; its blade, a claw. Two steps outside the gate I cut my brother Sethre’s throat–quick and deep, a cut he’d not seen coming. I locked my jaw around the wound and almost choked on his blood, flowing too quickly at first for me to swallow. As his heart gave out I wondered, Am I yet the good fruit Ati wished for me to be?



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