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The Taking


Decadent wealth and dangerous secrets. A common girl tempted by power beyond her imagining. Generations have passed since the knight LeMerle’s atrocities bathed his land in blood, but a dark presence still stalks the castle he built. It watches. It waits. What evil lurks in the heart of Rensweald? Deep in her soul, Amarys knows. But, will she overcome the monster she’s unleashing?




A runaway in twelfth-century York, Quin builds a life from stolen trinkets and constant hope. His knack for survival keeps him alive after he’s nabbed by Leoric of Rensweald, a nobleman with dangerous secrets. When Quin falls in love with Leoric’s ward Amarys, his precariously balanced life comes undone. Pulled into a quest for revenge, he must choose between saving himself or the one he loves.


Gates the Hours Keep


The moment Leures Vethna sees Diomedes of Thebes, he knows the Greek mercenary will take him from his Etruscan homeland to a greater destiny. But, no matter how far he travels, Leures can’t escape the curse he’s carried from his youth. Death dogs his heels. Broken in battle, he’s overcome by darkness until a strange willful woman resurrects him. When Diomedes senses she is not what she seems, Leures must choose between his beloved friend and the woman he dreams holds his future.


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Every rocking wave buoyed us a little farther from Thesl and closer to freedom. I’d tasted more privilege and opportunity than any slave-born boys I’d known. As Laran’s son, I was special, and yet, I wasn’t free. No one asked if I wanted to be priest or miner; merchant or guardsmen or dancing boy. Willful as I was, I knew little of making choices. I was bidden and I obeyed more-or-less, and that might make me apt to become a soldier, but it didn’t make me a whole-minded man.

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