A blonde young man in warrior's garb, Diomedes holds a spear and stands in early morning light. He has a resolute expression. Other soldiers prepare for battle in the background.

Pronunciation: dy-oh-mee-dees

AKA: Dio, Band of Two

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: A decent man serves his obligations not his wants

Desires: To see a far horizon

Weapon of Choice: Spear


Description: Diomedes grew his hair long like mine. Barley and flax, sunlight and sand, honey and ginger and butter; those locks of his–kindled and bleached by sunlight reflected off sea waves–drew every eye to him in whatever port we passed through. He was the golden god Aplu, and I, his dark mirror.

Discussion Questions For Diomedes?


  • Should Diomedes have stayed in Thebes?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your favorite quote?
  • Why does he despise Mahamari?
  • Did Diomedes deserve his fate?
  • Was Diomedes destined to be a mercenary?
When we heard of Philip’s assassination, we celebrated for three days, and, in the chaotic year that followed, we rallied more and more men to our cause. Diomedes’ father began to speak of him as proudly as he had Chrysanthos, but praise flowed over Diomedes without the corresponding flood of vanity that so often drowns men’s souls. He remained as always steady, dependable, and selfless–an example I followed as best I could.


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