A young man with wavy blonde hair, Quin smiles brightly as he stands in the stable yard.

Pronunciation: Kwin

AKA: Jackal

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: What doesn’t break you makes you stronger

Desires: To be marshal of Rensweald and breed fine horses

Weapon of Choice: Fists

Description: Quin was grooming Leoric’s charger Tiusa. His tunic tightened around the strong mounds of his shoulders as he massaged circles in the stallion’s ebony coat. Taller and broader, little remained of the boy except a dimpled smile and dancing eyes.

Discussion Questions For Quin?


  • What should Quin have done differently?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Why do you think Quin keeps Leorics’ secret?
  • What do you think happened to Quin?
  • Is Leoric right about Quin?
“Do you know what it is to hope–to believe in more with no reason but your heart’s wanting it? Every day on my own, I believed the next would bring my more.” In the moonlight his face seemed rounder, younger.   “He treats me well enough. I know this life’s better than I might have had. Today I ate my fill of tarts and drank ale ’til my cheeks tingled . . . And there was something else.” His eyes met mine as he smiled broadly. “I was having this glorious dream about unmaking a maiden until somebody woke me.” I laughed. “No doubting that’s a dream.”


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