Queen Fastia stands in an Etruscan chamber decorates with fine wall paintings. She wears expensive clothing and large, gold jewelry.

Pronunciation: FAHST-ee-ah

Hair Color: Sandy brown

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: What’s yours is mine

Desires: To ensure that her son inherits the throne

Weapon of Choice: Crown


Description: My father sat upon his throne, and on his right sat his wife, Fastia. Her lips curled as if she smelled a foul odor. “You see?” Fastia lifted her chin as she spoke and looked down her narrow nose at me. “He threatens you, Laran. It’s as the priest says.”

Discussion Questions For Fastia?


  • Why does she hate Leures so much?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • What is going to happen to her at story’s end?
“The boy’s mad and power-hungry. None of our family is safe while he lives.” The queen glared at Velthr and turned her snarl to my father. “Even just now, you heard him call for your blood, Laran, and claim you as father–calling you Apa. He wants your blood and your throne.”


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