Wearing expensive clothing and jewelry, King Laran stands in his richly decorated Etruscan chamber and scowls at the viewer. He has black hair and a black beard. One of his cheeks is smeared with blood.

Pronunciation: LAHR-ahn VEHTH-nah

AKA: Apa

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Motto: It’s good to be king

Desires: To be the most envied king in Rasna

Weapon of Choice: Army


Description: My father had a visage no potter or bronze-worker could cast. Only the stone-carvers in the south could mimic the sharp planes chiseled in his hard, broad face. His plump lips, seldom smiling, were the sole softness. Smirk or frown or pout, their inconstant curves unmasked his decadent and changeable nature even better than his eyes.

Discussion Questions For Laran?


  • What do you think of Laran?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Why is Laran so cold towards Leures?
  • How else could Leures have gotten Laran’s help?
I wiped my eyes and kept staring up at him–waiting for the break in his long silence. Knowing my voice alone might doom me, I said nothing. I hoped he would speak tenderly of Ati, telling me how she captivated him; praise her beauty, her goodness, and all the small details that made her special. I wanted him to promise he would see she had a fine funeral. But his silence stretched on, only the softening of his clenched jaw and the shifting of his eyes hinting at gentler emotion.


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