Kalliphoros stands in sharp focus while the landscape and his army are blurred in the background. He is bearded and dressed in armor.

Pronunciation: kahl-lee-foh-rohs

Hair Color: Greying brown

Eye Color: Pale blue

Motto: Fight hard, drink deep, and keep on the gods’ good side

Desires: To earn a comfortable life through war

Weapon of Choice: Spear


Description: From behind us, a rough voice intruded, “Which of you is the mantis?” My eyes met Diomedes’ briefly as we glanced over our shoulders at the man who’d spoken. Stout-shouldered with a slight paunch and thick limbs, he had a battle-scarred face edged in a neat, tawny beard with broad silver streaks.

Discussion Questions For Kalliphoros?


  • Does his faith in the gods make him a better general? How so?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • How did you feel about how his life unfolded?
“I don’t need omens to know I have troubles,” Kalliphoros said. “I’m losing men. Along the road and in the orchard, they’ve all been found cut open and bled. Six so far–barbarians all. The Parthians claim they’ve been killed by beasts. The Bactrians say someone is sacrificing to what they call a god of lies.”


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