Inside a Scythian tent, the shaman Skel stares at the viewer with an unnerving, penetrating look. His eyes are palest blue and his hair is nearly white. Two streaks of blood paint his cheeks.

Pronunciation: skehl

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Violet

Motto: To die in battle is to live forever

Desires: To seek pleasure through others’ fear

Weapon of Choice: Composite bow


Description: “My brother, too, is a shaman,” Aram said. “From birth he was chosen and trained, but there are some mysteries born in a man, which cannot be learned. Maybe you’re the same.” I glanced at the bone-white Scythian, Skel. His odd shifting eyes met mine, and the flesh at the base of my spine shuddered. There was nothing unfriendly in his look. A bland glance, it didn’t trouble my thoughts even as it scraped my instincts.

Discussion Questions For Skel?


  • Why do other men follow Skel?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • What about Skel makes you shudder?
  • What does Hadad see in Skel that he didn’t in Leures?
I spotted the pale Scythian, Skel, on the camp’s near side. Unmistakable in his cloak of scalps with his creamy mane streaming, he galloped a yellow horse over fallen men. Jumping from the horse as it slowed, he pounced on a man who was dragging himself away. Skel grabbed the man’s blonde hair, jerked his head back, and with a narrow dagger slit the man’s forehead, peeling back his skin.




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