Long dark hair flows over Aram's shoulders as he stands in front of a river landscape with soldiers in the background. It is evening. His face and clothing are bloodied from battle, but he has an undaunted expression.

Pronunciation: ahr-rahm

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: Death is but yet another beginning

Desires: To honor his clan through battle

Weapon of Choice: Composite bow


Description: Broad-shouldered and sturdy-looking despite his leanness, the other was about my height. He wore a similar cloak, its tanned scalps dyed in shades of red. Bone beads trimmed the neck and sleeves in a swirling pattern that reminded me of tempest gusts or ocean waves. His long, nut-brown hair was sunstreaked with strands as bright as brass, and woven throughout were narrow braids bound with golden wire.

Discussion Questions For Aram?


  • Do you think Aram is an admirable character? Why or why not?
  • What’s your best-loved quote of Aram’s?
  • Why did Aram become a mercenary?
  • Who do you think is a better warrior–Leures or Aram?
  • Which brother would you let braid your hair?
Aram’s lips spread, nearly smiling, but his look was more dangerous than friendly. “Hadad of Tyre did not choose you.” Glancing down the alley at Mahamari and back to me, he lowered his voice. “You live to be a king. A king might be worth something to Hadad–even a king like you. But, you are no king of mine. For Mahamari, I will keep your blood off my blade.”


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