An old man with a slight grin, Arthur sits at a table in his tailor's shop and takes a break from snipping blue fabric.

Pronunciation: Ar-thur

Hair Color: Grey

Eye Color: Grey

Motto: Nothing worth doing is easy

Desires: For Treowyn to live without being corrupted by Leoric’s blood

Weapon of Choice: Sewing needle

Description: A rangy, gray-haired man stooped over a table snipping at the swatch of bright blue silk spread in front of him. He smiled, the lines around his eyes crinkling into fissures, and bowed his head to each of us.

Discussion Questions For Arthur?


  • Does Arthur know more about LeMerle?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What quotes do you like best?
  • Is there something Arthur’s not telling Amarys?
  • What questions would you ask Arthur?
  • How do you feel about Arthur’s end?
Arthur rested the needle and flexed his hand. “My age, I feel it sometimes now.”   Looking at me, he smiled, a weary flash of friendliness without happiness. “You like to listen to the rantings of a worn old man?” He rubbed his palm and his fingers in turn, as though one gnarled hand could soothe the other. Sighing, he started working again. “Memory’s ran my tongue to tales you’d have been better off not knowing. I’d be wrong not to tell you this, though. Something of LeMerle lives yet, my lady. Take care not to stir him.”


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