A little boy with curly red hair, William smiles as he plays with a wooden horse.

Pronunciation: Willy-am

AKA: Monster

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel

Motto: Playtime is every time

Desires: To play with Aldrid and Amarys

Weapon of Choice: Orneriness


Description: I felt lighter on my way back to the donjon. Daydreaming as I entered the hall, I nearly trod over the flame-mopped boy who rushed at me, giggling and shrieking in delight. He ducked behind me, grabbing my skirt in his tiny fist. “I know there’s a wee boy here. I can smell him, and when I find him, I’ll gobble him up,” Aldrid teased, hunching over and creeping toward me. The boy, William, laughed and peaked out from behind me, tugging my skirt as he swayed off balance. He squealed eagerly when he glimpsed his father stalking toward us.   “You forget, I love the taste of little boys myself,” I said and grabbed William.   His hazel eyes went wide as I scooped him up. I covered his face with kisses, and he erupted in laughter, waving his arms at my onslaught.

Discussion Questions For William?


  • Is his character believable?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What are your favorite quotes?
  • Was it hard to read the dream sequence?
  • What did you think of his relationship with his dad?
William pressed his finger on the tip of my nose and laughed when I looked down at him. He smiled, but his eyes widened, brow pinched in a concerned look that was a miniature of Aldrid’s. “I like your face,” he said, and I had to smile. “I like yours, too.” I gave his nose a playful pinch and pretended I’d plucked it off. “Well, it’s even cute without the nose.” “That’s my nose!” he squealed, pretending to snatch his nose back and stick it in its rightful spot. “We could trade.” William shook his head and covered his nose with his hands.


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