Long black hair spills over Leoric's face, which is half-hidden in shadow. He leans forward, with a hint of a smile and an enigmatic, penetrating look.

Pronunciation: LEH-o-rick

AKA: Lord Rensweald

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Motto: The best revenge is a life well lived

Desires: For Amarys to love him

Weapon of Choice: Two handed sword


Description: His face in firelight became magnificent. The scar, subdued by shadows; the high-bridged nose, sharp cheeks and brow–ungainly in harsh daylight–softened into a look any artist would strive to sculpt. Setting the poker alongside the hearth, he held his hands in the light and stroked the bare finger where he’d worn the ring he gave my father.

Discussion Questions For Leoric?


  • Do you agree with Leoric’s decisions?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • Is Leoric a giver or taker?
  • Does Leoric deserve Amarys’ scorn?
  • What are his redeeming qualities?
Everything but breathing’s a sin if you listen to the priests. And, if they could arrange it, we’d all inhale and exhale according to the pope’s decree.” Leoric rose, grabbing my cup and drinking the wine in one swallow. He slammed the cup down with a clatter and began slicing the air. “Think of it this way, child. We’re born to live or we’re born to die . . . The priests say we’re born to die. But, I was born to live, Amarys, and so were you. Let them keep their sins and count them if they like. You just concern yourself with breathing.”


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