Aldrid Lytlman

Pronunciation: All-drid Little-man

AKA: Aldrid the Red, Aldrid the Short

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: It’s never too late

Desires: To safeguard the honor of Amarys

Weapon of Choice: Pike


Description: Frowning, Mallory stood as rigid as an oak while Aldrid leaned his weight on one leg, completely at ease. He was more than a head shorter than Mallory, but I still had to look up to his face–a face spattered with freckles and half hidden by a wild mane of russet curls. A short beard the same bright hue encircled his mouth.

Discussion Questions For Aldrid?


  • What do you think of his relationship with Mallory?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What are your favorite quotes?
  • Do you like his sense of humor?
  • How would Aldrid feel about Quin’s outburst at Amarys?

As the trenchers were cleared, he stood and, taking a gulp of wine, slammed the goblet down. “Ask any lady the measure of a great man and she’ll tell you this: the best can wield his tongue as well as his sword.” His smile stretching, he chuckled along with his guests. “We celebrate tonight to honor a lady, and such an event calls for a special challenge–one pleasing to a lady’s sensibilities. Charm my cousin with your songs, and she’ll choose the best-tongued among you to begin a dance.” Aldrid racked his knees on the table’s edge as he sprung to volunteer. His songs were always ribald, skimming the slippery rim between amusement and offensiveness, and were among my favorite things about him. Laughing as much as anyone at his hapless hero’s tale, I doubted another could please her better.



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