A tough-looking man, Brogan sits in a dimly lit tavern.

Pronunciation: BROH-guhn

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Saphire

Motto: If you don’t find satisfaction, squeeze harder

Desires: To have a finger in every pie

Weapon of Choice: Knife


Description: Brogan was small compared to most men I’d seen. His broad hands and thick forearms looked like they’d been stolen from a sturdier man and grafted onto his weaselly frame. He seldom spoke, and when he did, his voice was a quiet mumble of blended sounds. I once made a game of creating my own nonsense sentences from his burbled words.

Discussion Questions For Brogan?


  • Where do you think Brogan gets his cruelty from?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • Do you think he recognized Quin at the end?
  • What satisfies Brogan the most?
  • Do you ever feel pity for him?
Still, he treated me as a son–taking me with him on daily excursions and teaching me his trade. More properly, I should say trades, for he was involved in many–his fingertips stretched to fill every one of the city’s unholy crevices. Thievery, prostitution, murder-for-hire, gambling, bribery, extortion, coin-clipping; nothing worth damnation happened without Brogan’s touch, or so it seemed to me.


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