Long black hair spills over Leoric's face, which is half-hidden in shadow. He leans forward, with a hint of a smile and an enigmatic, penetrating look.

Pronunciation: LEH-o-rick

AKA: Lord Rensweald

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Motto: The best revenge is a life well lived

Desires: For Amarys to love him

Weapon of Choice: Two handed sword


Description: But, I’d wondered then what he felt. I’d wanted to know what it was to be him. I used to imagine myself crossing the dais of his great hall with his saunter. The ease of his pace, slow and fluid, showed more confidence and strength than any swagger. Even before I knew what he was, his movements had fascinated me–effortless and almost languid but powerful as a lion’s. If I were like that, no man would touch me.

Discussion Questions For Leoric?

  • Do you agree with Leoric’s decisions?
  • What’s your favorite scene?
  • What’s your best-loved quote?
  • How can his temperament be so hot and cold?
  • What are Leoric’s original plans for Quin?
  • What are his redeeming qualities?
He seemed to know just what I needed and just what I feared. Even crowded on the beast’s back, he was careful not to press against me. A saint or an angel, he was like no one I’d known–easy to trust and impossible to resist. His name was Leoric. But, not just Leoric. Earl of Rensweald and Norford. Master of lands. Controller of castles. Leader of men. Warrior. Schemer. Monster. Brogan was nothing compared to him.


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