Mallory, a burly, bearded man with curly hair, stands behind the parapet a castle wall.

Pronunciation: MAL-or-EE

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: Strength will overcome

Desires: To gain control over Rensweald Castle

Weapon of Choice: Sword and shield


Description: I took a few steps back, toward a vegetable seller’s stall, where I could watch them discreetly. The bearded man’s face was flushed, and though I couldn’t hear his words, his lips were racing in what looked to me like excuses. I’d seen the same expression on men struggling to talk Brogan out of collecting a gambling debt. Whatever his problem, the big man was intent enough on it that I decided I could capture my prize without his noticing.

Discussion Questions For Mallory?


  • Why is Mallory so cold?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What are your favorite quotes?
  • Does Mallory pose a threat to Amarys?
  • Is Mallory a true friend of Leoric?
Off fetching wood for a campfire, Mallory had spent half the ride apologizing for not reaching Rensweald before nightfall and blaming the absent Aldrid for the delay. The perfect representation of mankind as I knew it, Mallory had looked at me with blatant scorn if he’d looked at me at all. “Notice how he faults his comrade?” Leoric asked as he tethered his gelding. “Builds himself up; tears apart his brother-in-arms in hopes of winning my favor. As if I’m only some young imbecile who’ll swallow all his self-serving nonsense.”


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