With a mischievous glint in his eyes, Aldrid holds up a handful of dice. He has curly red hair and is seated in a medieval hall with other men in the background. It is evening.

Pronunciation: AWL-drid Little-man

AKA: Aldrid the Red, Aldrid the Short

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: A man is only as good as his word

Desires: To provide a good life for his family

Weapon of Choice: Pike


Description: Frowning, Mallory stood as rigid as an oak while Aldrid leaned his weight on one leg, completely at ease. He was more than a head shorter than Mallory, but I still had to look up to his face–a face spattered with freckles and half hidden by a wild mane of russet curls. A short beard the same bright hue encircled his mouth.

Discussion Questions For Aldrid?


  • What do you think of Aldrid’s humor?
  • Can you describe your favorite scene?
  • What are your favorite quotes?
  • Why does Aldrid find a need to help Amarys?
  • Did you enjoy his interactions with Mallory?
“You must be our lord’s new ward.” He grabbed my hand and kissed it. If I’d worn rings, I’d have checked to see they were still there. “I’m Aldrid–the Red, they say–which I much prefer to Aldrid the Short.” “Aldrid Lytlman,” Mallory sneered. “Yes, I’ve been called that as well. Been called worse things by many men, I’m sure.” “I’m Amarys.” “Lord Rensweald’s cousin, I understand,” Aldrid said. “Who’d have known such a beautiful rose could bloom on his family’s brittle bush?”


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