Smiling,Meg stands in a cottage and holds her baby.

Pronunciation: Meg

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Motto: Family is where the heart is

Desires: Spend many merry days with Aldrid

Weapon of Choice: Cooking pan

Description: “What trouble’s he starting now?” Aldrid’s wife called as she waddled over from the doorway. “He has me by the leg.”   “I wasn’t meaning the boy.” She giggled, and, swatting her rear, Aldrid gave her a peck that was as much a nip as a kiss. “This one’s causing problems, too.” She patted her pregnant belly. “Kicking me all day.” When she put Aldrid’s hand on her belly, he smiled.

Discussion Questions For Meg?


  • Does Meg treat Amarys unfairly?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What are your favorite quotes?
  • Do you think she believes Calandre?
  • Does she trust Aldrid to be faithful?
Aldrid’s wife smiled. “Before long, you’ll have your own.”   “I will?” I pulled back my hand. “You’ll be married soon.” She giggled, no doubt thinking I seemed skittish. “Bearing a fine man’s sons.” “You’ve heard I’m getting married?” I thought of the calves to be butchered; the probable feast. “Have you heard to whom?”   “Ah, you ask if I’m starting trouble,” Aldrid chided, pointing at her, “and now you’ve gone and put this in her head, Meg.” “I only meant at your age, well, the time’s surely ripe.” Peeling William off Aldrid’s leg, Meg held the boy against her chest. “Pay her no mind, my lady.” Aldrid waved her words away, but I could think of nothing else.


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