A blonde young woman in a blue dress, Calandre stands in a castle hall filled with visiting nobles.

Pronunciation: CUH-lawn-druh

AKA: Sweet

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Motto: Beauty is its own reward

Desires: To find some sense of control

Weapon of Choice: Words


Description: She was dressed in midnight blue silk. Calandre. I wanted to spit her name into the wash basin. Her blonde braids were decked with gold, and atop her head a diadem adorned with pearls and sapphires glistened in the candlelight. Sour, dour, and straight as a wooden angel, she sat beside him–unaware the cup she sipped from belonged to me.

Discussion Questions For Calandre?


  • How did you feel toward her?
  • Do you have a favorite scene?
  • What quotes linger on your thoughts?
  • What could she have done different?
  • Did she deserve Leoric’s wrath?
  • Is there anything you admire about her?

“Do you know the things they say about your family? About this place?” Like a lioness catching the scent of blood, she came to life. “I didn’t want to come, but your cousin gave my father gold enough to clear his memory of ‘superstitious rumors.’ I remembered them all, though, and I’ve seen the evil here . . . Felt it on my skin . . . Even the walls–this place, this donjon with its many rooms–was built for wickedness. Who needs so many lonely rooms? Who seeks such solitude except to hide evil? . . . You don’t even realize it’s unnatural, do you?”



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  1. James

    I kind of like a description of Calandre during a dream sequence:
    “I saw him looking at her. Calandre. I saw her lithe and limber, dancing as if she were made of mist.”


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